Iğdır History

Iğdır History


   As a result of various archaeological researches conducted in the province of Iğdır, the tribe that first settled in the Iğdır region is the Hurrians from Central Asia (4000 BC).

    The other tribes that came with this community named as Asyanik first discovered the polan mines and writing that are important for humanity. It is understood from the Urartu Inscriptions written between the name of the king named Bulakbaşı and Kazancı Villages around Çölgerger between Karakoyunlu and Taşburun, where Urartians were under the rule in the time of Iğdır and its vicinity, King Menua (810-785). In the period of Urartians, which dominated Iğdır and its vicinity for more than 200 years, great progress was made in agriculture, and many channels and dams were made.

    This revival continued in the time of jokes and other Turkish groups that came to the region.

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