The Message of The President

The Message of The President

In addition to the positive effect of our Chambers of Commerce and Industry on today’s economic life, spread throughout the country, the role it plays in the development of the social and cultural life of the province in which it is located is increasing.

To help our business world to develop and grow; Starting from local, regional and represents the highest quality-at the national level, service, and to provide support to its members taxpayers who trade and industry of our rooms Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union scan-fi continuous improvement together with the system of accreditation started to be implemented from themselves the policy.

Based on this principle and necessity, our Iğdır Chamber of Commerce and Industry has activated all the dynamics of our province in order to represent the interests of all our members, to support their competitiveness and growth, and to serve the economic, social and cultural development of our province;

By making use of the opportunities of technology at the highest level, it will carry out its works more effectively in this period and in the coming years with a contemporary and member satisfaction oriented approach, will build the future Iğdır with all actors living in or outside Iğdır but thinking for Iğdır and acting for Iğdır. .

Our Iğdır Chamber of Commerce and Industry By becoming one of the respected world states of our country, contributing to become a regional power, which has a greater share in international trade, can direct political and economic formations of global scale in line with its own benefit, to ensure the development of our Iğdır and our members and to prevent the development of our members. For the solution of the problems that prevent;

By collaborating with all kinds of public and private professional, scientific, social and cultural institutions, it will contribute to the enhancement of existing foreign trade relations and the development of foreign trade of our members, especially in neighboring countries,
While we are working to make our province a center where small and medium-sized industries develop, it will also provide all kinds of support necessary for Iğdır to become a health, tourism and education center.

While offering these services to our members locally, nationally and internationally;

Adopting a pluralistic and participatory management approach, promoting teamwork and team spirit in order to create a collective working awareness, maintaining the image of being a pioneering and exemplary institution by increasing corporate reputation, fast, effective, smiling service understanding and personnel training and expectations of our members. It will be our quality policy to meet the highest level in line with the laws, to ensure the satisfaction of the members and to act with the principle of continuously improving the quality management system.

As Iğdır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have adopted ourselves as a principle to stay on the agenda with our services and works. After that, we do not intend to compromise this line. Our city is one of the cutest provinces of our country, which can manage to live all the beauties together and is pleased to be mentioned in this respect.

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