Iğdır General Information

Iğdır General Information

Face measurement: 3,539 km²

Population: 188,857 (2011)

City Traffic No: 76

Calling Code: 0476

Iğdır is located in Turkey’s eastern border, is a province to be seen with the legendary Mount Ararat.

It is located in Erzurum-Kars region of Iğdır Eastern Anatolia Region. The northern and northeastern borders of the province are the Aras River and the Armenian border along the bed of this river. Nakhchivan and Iran are the eastern and southeast borders of the province, Agri province is the southern border, and Kars province is the west and northwestern. Iğdır is the only province of our country that has a border crossing with three countries. Among these gates, only the border gate with Nakhchivan Mukhtar Republic of Azerbaijan is open.

Iğdır has a rare feature in the world geography. On the one hand, the Big Ararat Mountain, which is one of the largest and one of the world’s largest mountains, is 5165 meters high with glaciers covered with glaciers, and on the other hand, the average altitude of 800-900 meters in the high Eastern Anatolian plateau is abundant in all kinds of vegetables and fruits except citrus fruits and olives. It contains the fertile Sürmeli pit where it can be grown. The color of the cotton that grows in the plain and the snow at the summit of Mount Ararat rising in the south of the province brings together the cold and the heat. These characteristics made him known as “Çukurovası of the East” throughout our country.

Iğdır consists of 4 districts, 3 towns and 156 village settlements along with Tuzluca, December and Karakoyunlu districts, being a central district.

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